About Us
Hiap Gay Fibreglass Product Company was incorporated in 1987 & K.V. Engineering Sdn Bhd is incorporated in 2000 initially to undertake some contact moulded and gel coat finished Fibreglass Reinforced Polyster (FRP / GRP) product. We have successful ventured into manufacturing other FRP product which include the following:
  • Filament ( Hoop or Helical ) Wound or Contact Moulded Tanks
  • Air Pollution Control  Scrubber, Stack, Ducting and Dampers
  • Fibreglass Reinforces Thermoplastics ( PVDF, PP, u PVC, c PVC )
  • Fibreglass Reinforces Lining for Steel & Concrete Tanks, Floors and Chemical Tankers
  • All manner of FRP Custom Made Product
  • On-site and in-house FRP maintenance
Over the years, K.V. has successfully completed many prestigious local project and with this remarkable track record, we are presently privileged to be associated with many international projects through our clients in the Asian Region which include Singapore, Philippine, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.

K.V. has assembled a team of competent, skillful and experienced workers to undertake a wide range of FRP services & product that are to meet the expectations of our valued customers. The company is always innovative , and is constantly willing to improve the quality of our products to meet our customers expectations.

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